Arts in the Media: Recent round-up

We’ve handled our news round-ups in a variety of ways over the years, and readily admit that their release has been inconsistent at best. After careful consideration, we’re moving Arts in the Media to the blog, where it really belongs, and where it will be readily accessible b all who wish to keep up. Frequency may take a bit of time to work out, but for now, here are some news items and articles that seem notable to our community.


The big news, of course, is the announcement of Gustavo Dudamel’s imminent departure for a new position leading the New York Philharmonic in 2026. A simple Google search will bring you all the details you wish, but between various laments and the requisite snarky tweets, there were some additional topics of note in the last week.  Our picks:


All about California’s newest new music fest: Tom Jacobs of SFCV takes a good look at the collaborative project between Dudamel, Salonen and Payare

Victoria Looseleaf dives into Long Beach Opera’s ancient-made-modern production of Romance of the Rose by Kate Soper, which opens this weekend. 

The LA Times team hails various chamber music stars of the Southland and deems them underrated.


Actor’s Equity (AEA) is making their Open Access policy permanent, making it easier to join… and possibly building a stronger union.

With a possible writer’s strike looming that will affect all kinds of entertainment folk (including session singers), Variety looks at the issues at hand. Not everyone’s worried about money, however. Houston Grand Opera just landed a huge $22 MILLION donation, which should provide a little security.

Ahem… a heads-up for performers and more, as you may need to change the way you use social media for self-promotion.  (Hint:  tone really matters.)


Alex Ross examines the impact of already legendary conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. Former SF Symphony director Herbert Blomstedt is still rocking Davies Hall at age 95. while the world has lost legendary songwriter Burt Bachrach at 94, and composer Tan Dun has joined Decca Classics.

With just two hours’ notice, a college performance by The King’s Singers was canceled in Florida due to homophobia.

Boston Lyric is looking for a new Artistic Director, just as Opera Saratoga gets a new Executive Director  On the other coast, Pasadena’s Boston Court needs another Executive Director.

…and while we’re at it, Lisa Hirsch has ideas about who might be in line for the LA Phil.


Chris Rowbury examines post-performance impostor syndrome.

Finally, regardless of how you feel about the show, you can now spend the night in the opera house that inspired the Phantom of the Opera.

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