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You’ve all heard us harangue you about how much every performer needs a website. It’s true, and I’m standing my ground. You really do need one.

But here’s a little tool that can actually help you get started. Our conversations with various Listers over the years have shown that one of the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to your own space in cyberspace is simply wrapping your head around what you want, need, and how you’ll get there. The good news is that this is no mountain — it’s just a little bump that can be climbed!

So this month’s download is so universal that we’re opening up the “member download” to everyone. Through the month of October, anyone can download our Website Planning Worksheet, designed to help performers lay out a concrete plan for their future site and to help them make essential decisions that can often bring things to a screaming halt. You may still decide to get some help with your build and launch, but regardless, you’ll need to be the one making these decisions before you dive in.

Download your PDF here

Take a look, work your way through the parts that apply to you, and use this as a springboard to propel your creative self into action. Just keep going, and you’ll have a site before you know it.

Be sure to let us know when your new site is up, so we can brag about you properly!

Happy October!

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