Mood music

Tunes turn decidedly moody this time of year, whether it’s spookiness for Halloween, requiems for All Saints’ Day, honoring the departed on Dia de los Muertos, or the mental shift that comes with shorter days when the time changes. (Don’t worry — that’s next week, but it’s already getting darker!)

There are so many good things this week. As you walk through the plethora of treats below, take special note of the costumes-optional threefer from New Opera West, the stunning continuation of Omar at LA Opera, and a Roaring ’20s-themed gala for Lyric Opera OC, which has been winning awards and blowing everyone away with their creative and stylish offerings.

We’re heading into the thick of the fall season, so hold onto your hats. Whatever you do, don’t stay home!

Originally published in Next7 – Vocal events through 11/3/22

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