KUSC offers first Spanish stream

Because this is an English-language blog (and I assure you, mi español es horrible), we share this excellent announcement from KUSC’s newsletter, in English. The stream is available in both languages, however, and can be streamed at any time. It’s a terrific opportunity to expand your horizons and we applaud the station’s ongoing efforts to help our art form expand audience reach.

Check it out and subscribe in either language — just please do support this new endeavor.

Introducing Nuestra Música

Our New Stream in Two Versions – One in Spanish and One in English.

At Classical California, we nurture the love of classical music for all. Our newest way to do that is Nuestra Música. Nuestra Música, “Our Music,” is a free 24/7 stream of classical music composed, performed or conducted by musicians from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. You can hear it hosted in English y en Español by Classical California’s Brisa Siegel. She’ll bring you inside the classical music of Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and more. Classical music con sabor y sazón from our home to yours!

Listen at our website, or download our free app!

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