What are these holiday things?

Yesterday was Patriot Day, and of course the Jewish High Holidays are coming up later this month. While most of this month’s big holidays are not necessarily intended as fun-loving days off, they are moments to acknowledge what’s meaningful and profound in our lives.  I hope you’ll get to take advantage (or at least take note) of all of the holidays in the coming season in some way or another.

As performers, we don’t generally get holidays “off”:  there’s always work to be done, practicing to be kept up, catching-up at home, or other gaps to be filled. So the calendar tends to be a point of reference most of the time, rather than an actual guide to our day-to-day.

Take care, anyway

But as the season starts moving and our calendars fill up, make sure you’re getting enough rest and taking care of yourselves. Make sure you’re getting sleep, decent food, and some regular movement into your life.  Make room for time with the people you love, as well as a hobby or two.  Watch your money, so it doesn’t get away from you.  You know — watch the usual suspects that causes us stress and wears us down.

These seemingly basic things tend to get lost in the shuffle, and if we learned anything during the pandemic, they’re not just basic — they’re essential. They keep us going, so we can connect genuinely with the people, the communities and the momentous occasions around us.  All of that also allows us to give back in a real way.  

Do something good for yourself this week, even if it’s just five minutes of focus on how special you are.

All best,

Originally published in the 9/12/22 member newsletter

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