Havin’ a heat wave

To state the obvious…

It’s hot!

…and it’ll only get hotter over the weekend. Labor Day marks the unofficial beginning of “the season”, and this year’s furnacelike reminder of climate change will launch us into our artistic new year with a bang or a whimper. (You do have some say in which it is, btw.)

While I implore you all to stay healthy and keep cool as the sun rages, I’d like to applaud each and every one of you, as together, we’ve been through a lot in the last few years. This is a new start, full of all the hope and promise that, as you know, tends to send me on a ridiculously inspirational tear. Suffice it to say that I know how awesome you are, and we all have the power to make this year stand out, as something special in our lifetimes.

So stay cool, toast your amazing selves, and dive into the new season with relish (or artisanal mustard, if you prefer).

Be well, peeps…

Originally published as part of our 8/31/22 member newsletter

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