Podcast reboots with Pacific Chorale

Due to non-List issues over the last year, we’ve had to set our launched-too-soon podcast aside for a bit, but we’re back! Check out the latest episode, where Lauri talks with Pacific Chorale’s President & CEO, Andrew Brown, about this year’s Grammy® award, what that means to be the first organization in Orange County to win that honor, and what it’s like as a singer, leading a singing organization.

Andrew Brown

Andy and I go way back, through enough years that we can both remember being more obvious redheads. But while this interview was great fun to create, it also cuts to the heart of what it takes to remain people-focused as org leaders, especially through a pandemic and all that means.

Pacific Chorale has some terrific things going on this year, and we look forward to being there as the choir, staff and artistic director Robert Istad break new ground and continue to build an impressive choral legacy in the OC.

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