Different newness

There isn’t much on the calendar yet, but we all know that the big wave of fall events is coming.

Staring into the vastness that is a brand-new season can be invigorating, mystifying… and overwhelming. This year marks the first full season post-COVID, and while presenters are dipping their toes into the water with hope and excitement, there’s still a certain amount of trepidation in the air.

But let’s look at it this way: no one knows what will really happen next. This could be the most exciting season of our lives, because we all know how much this precious level of normalcy has cost us. We know how much the performing arts have been missed. And we know our own commitment to our field: if we’re still here, it’s obviously something worth fighting for.

Embrace it. Enjoy every gig, every concert, and every performance. Relishing this season could be one of the greatest collective joys of our lives. Personally, I can’t wait.

See you soon,

Originally published in Next7 — Vocal events through 9/8/22

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