Diving right in

It’s a big week of season finales, with organizations all over the Southland bringing out fun and exciting programs that will welcome summer with gusto.  Don’t miss the much-anticipated reboot of one of Mozart’s best operas, as Salastina brings Cosi into a more enlightened time.  Be sure to check out your local community choir, and enjoy the wealth of choral music that our orgs present every year.  That connective spirit gets special focus on programs like Artes Vocales’ “Prisms of Our Community” on Sunday. There are also exciting new music programs like Ted Hearne’s “Place”, coming to Disney Hall through the LA Phil, and the Synchromy Music Festival at Boston Court.  While the calendar will have less on it as the summer takes full hold, we’re going out with a bang.

Come on in… the water’s fine!

Originally published in Next7 — Vocal events thru 6/9/22

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