Custom mix

I love buying things in bulk. Sifting through various types of beans or dried fruit or toys or candy or jewelry or whatever, it’s satisfying, somehow, to create a combination of just about anything that is unique to a mood, a particular need, or the tastes of the recipient. Creating a work of art with multiple textures, images or stories is similar, and that is what presenters strive for:  a mix of elements that is just right for the audience they strive to delight.

Several of the events this week show that level of care in their crafting, whether it’s a benefit concert for Ukraine, a Mother’s Day celebration, or a season finale.  Bravo to the programmers who work so hard to create memories that will stay with us long after the event. Hopefully you’ll find your perfect mix this week.

Originally published in Next7 — Vocal events thru 5/12/22

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