Causes of art

From the dawn of civilization, creators have connected their work with things they believed in.  Not all artists are political, and no one will support every cause or every work of art.  But beauty does not exist in a vacuum, and the meaning it conveys can move mountains, change society and bring profound change to the way we see the world around us.

With the world’s current and manifold troubles and so many things challenging complacency and pulling at our perceptions of “normal”, it’s no surprise that artists and presenters of all kinds are putting their work to work.  In this issue of Next7, we’ve highlighted events aimed at a particular cause. These events may or may not be a perfect fit for you, but please do look around and find something to support.  Art and music are powerful expressions of what matters to us, and those expressions are worthy of consideration.

Thank you all for sharing your lives with us.

Original published as part of Next7 — Vocal events thru 5/19/22

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