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We’re spotlighting the Hear Now Music Festival  in this week’s event newsletter, and always encourage our readers to support new classical music whenever the opportunity arises.  Whether it’s buying a ticket, showing up, volunteering, making a simple donation, or contributing to a commission, these activities help classical evolve into its next, very dynamic phase, and what we’re seeing and hearing is very exciting.  We’re dropping some of the stodgy labels and exploring new sounds, new venues and new ways of finding enthusiastic listeners.  Los Angeles is a hotbed of excellent new music, and we hope you’ll expand your horizons with us all.

That said, however, there is something new is each and every performance.  Each opportunity to hear any music is unique, as live events and streaming offer us a chance to hear something we haven’t thought about yet.  But even with favorite recordings of old chestnuts, every listen can yield something new, if you’re paying attention.  there is meaning, even humor or insight, in that split-second pause, the new gesture, or a change of costume.  Hearing the same old thing in a new space can yield a completely different take on the work.  Going to a favorite opera with a new friend can send you home with revelatory insight into what had seemed pretty familiar.

Are you ready for an adventure?  It’s all right here for you.  Just get out there, and see what you find.  Our calendar offers a few suggestions, but this simple change of mindset may take you places you hadn’t expected.

Originally published in Next7 — vocal events thru 5/5/22

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