It’s a season, it’s a feeling, it’s a verb, and it’s a little feathered friend who is not appearing here just for the cute factor.  (But ain’t he, tho?)

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up, shake off the doldrums and refresh any part of your life that seems to need it.  We’ll be talking about how that first into your marketing and promotional efforts in April’s spring-cleaning-themed Group Coaching session on Sat, 4/16.  (Stay tuned for full details.) 

But if you feel your energy increasing in general, put it to work.  Build that positive vibe by feeding it with tasks done and goals achieved… even if they’re wee little things, like our sunshine-hued friend above.

Wishing all bright days and a brighter future.  Go get ’em.

Originally published in our member newsletter, 3/22/22

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