Because I said so

As we start to get busy again, I’m hearing a theme in the posts and emails and conversations and general vibe from some of our Listers:


We’re all dealing with the same reality: fewer jobs around, and way too many talented artists vying for them. It’s exactly what we’ve all trained for… but more intense than most probably imagined in school. All that intensity can be scary, and can leave us thinking so hard about doing it right that actually enjoying music and having some of this stuff can get left behind… we need


The good news is that your groove is out there, waiting to be found. Fun is a necessary element, even in the dirge. (Come on, you know you love those long, slow notes!) Whatever that groove is, just keep an eye out. It’ll be there.

Now, go have some fun!!!! (I want to see those vibes flying all over the place!)

Originally part of Next7 — Vocal events through 3/10/22

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