Already April…

We’re no April Fools! There are too many good things happening to stay home. In addition to the featured events below, look ahead to The Queen’s Six in the desert on the 7th, a gorgeous concert from Jouyssance on the 10th, and Fidelio coming to the LA Phil on the 14th. Easter is also looming, and churches all over the Southland will be bringing out their best music to celebrate the season. This season may be waning on the calendar, but we’re going to finish out spring in very high style.

Also, congrats to Pasadena Master Chorale for selling out their upcoming performance on Saturday. That’s what we love to see! (You can still get on the waiting list if you’d like…)

Keep the great tunes flowing, and please support the arts any way you can!

Originally published in Next7 – Vocal events thru 4/7/22

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