A more “normal” Lent?

It’s Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday / Carnival time, which really means that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  As musicians, Lent often means picking up an extra service or two, singing very different repertoire than the rest of the year, and for the observant, giving things up.

That’s the thing about the first supposedly-post-COVID Lenten season:  it may feel like we’re getting back to normal in some ways, which is terrific.  But as this time of year is actually about making your life abnormal on purpose so we can examine it with some different perspective, beware of missing the point.

Nevertheless, the season is here, and we have 41 days to Easter. Masks are coming off in certain situations, and hope is growing.

I know I’ve been haranguing you all with messages of “keep the faith” and “hang in there”, as if I’ve lost a bet and transformed into a kitten on a poster.  But I hope you will anyway.  We’re making progress, and it’s so very exciting to see you and your orgs blossoming again. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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