Yes, you need some coaching. (We all do.)

Call it processing. Call it the buddy system. Getting some perspective. Finding a new viewpoint. What you probably already know is that being an artist and performer is hard, and no one should go through that life alone.

Whether you need a single session to clarify your goals or lay out some plans, or a batch of appointments so you can stay on track with your next big project, working with a business coach can help.

And let’s make this very clear: this post is not about selling you anything. It’s just a nudge to make sure you’re getting what you need. Book a session with Lauri online, or find a buddy or mentor who’s a good fit for you. We’re rooting for you, either way.

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Lauri will offer a short presentation on why you need one, how to get one, and some VERY important things you’ll need to know.  An artist website doesn’t need to be complicated — but it does need to be done right!  Each attendee will receive checklists and resources that can save a lot of grief on their next foray into building in cyberspace.  This workshop is a major steal that can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration, and there will be plenty of time for questions.  Reserve your spot NOW!

$25 for members
$35 for everyone else

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