This guy’s day

In case you’re NOT a fan of weird holidays, Bill Murray movies or large rodents…

Today is Groundhog Day.

I’ll spare you the requisite history lesson — you can Google it as well as I can. What I really love about this quasi-holiday is the focus on PREDICTION.

At various points in our lives, we try to predict the future: where we’ll be X years from now, what we’ll become, how long that accident on the freeway will delay us, how long that avocado will take to ripen, what we’ll make next week/month/year. It’s a necessary part of life, assuming your only prediction is not a life of dwelling under a rock and just taking what comes. As “easy” as that may sound, it’s a far more dangerous existence than doing things, living your life, and facing down the unknowns in the world. You’ve heard it before: in order to grow and move forward, you must face your current reality and take some risks.

Here’s your challenge

Face your shadow. Take a peek into the world and decide that winter is over. There are so many things we cannot control—weather, COVID, other people—but we can take a step forward and venture forth… hopefully, into spring.

Find your own application to your life, and DO SOMETHING TODAY that propels you into your future. (Then do that again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…)

Don’t be like Punxsutawney Phil, afraid of his shadow and delaying life further with so little evidence of doom. Your shadow goes where you go, whether you see it or not. So, take a risk and get out there.

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