Opera doesn’t (always) look like this anymore…

One of the most fascinating parts of being an observer of the arts world is seeing genres evolve over time. While the mainstream public may still think of opera as being full of Viking horns and taking place on huge stages, companies in Los Angeles, in particular, have proven that one of the grandest art forms can take place anywhere, and can explore the most modern and complex themes. (It’s not all about love and dying anymore!)

This is particularly apparent with the recent season announcement from LA Opera, one of our more traditional local companies, and the advent of a very buzzy collaboration between jazz legend Wayne Shorter and the fascinating esmeralda spalding, as they bring their old-made-new operatic work to the Broad Stage next weekend. These are just two examples of the kind of mash-ups that troupes and creators far and wide are playing with, and it looks like an engaging, meaningful future is ahead for a field that has too long been mired in the past. Creative things are coming our way!

Originally published as part of Next7 — Vocal events through 2/17/22
Featured photo by alevision.co on Unsplash

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