Welcome to 2022

New Year’s Day is almost over on the West Coast, and I don’t want to let it slip away without any sort of comment.

We’ve been through a rough couple of years. And it’s not over yet. With the rise of Omicron and arts organizations necessarily canceling performances and changing plans as the days wear on, we’re clearly not done with COVID quite yet. But I’m still hearing silver linings and hopefulness from our Listers, and that is the beauty of a community that can provide support not only to one another, but to those around us.

What we do matters. Art and performance are activities that help others see not only the light in the world, but help them manage the darkness. We give audiences and followers space to think outside their daily lives and connect on a deeper level, even if only for a moment.

For this reason and so many others, we cannot give up. This year will come with new challenges and new opportunities, and we must be ready for it all. I hope you are all continuing to move forward in some way. If not, call me. Seriously, call me. Let’s talk. Let’s find a way to get those creative juices flowing and get your ducks in that essential row that will allow you to move when doors open. With or without the metaphor mashup, this is a basic truth right now: as the arts start to find their rebirth, it is the artists and performers who are ready who will succeed. Those who are still waiting will be left behind.

Be in the first group. This new year is such a huge chance for all of us. Make a choice, right now, to be the person who stands up for themselves and for their work, by taking action, again and again and again. That is the best habit you can cultivate.

Find your next step. Take it. Find the next one. Take that. Then just lather, rinse, and repeat, for the rest of your life. Do this, and you will never be bored or bereft of options again.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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