Time to update your stuff!

It’s January! (Yeah, you probably knew that.)

If you haven’t checked out your bios, photos, website, social media pages or any other marketing assets that you might be using, now’s the time!

Especially as the arts are surfing the uncertainty of re-opening, planning, canceling and wondering what comes next, you need to be ready for anything, so you can compete as new opportunities come your way. Responding quickly is key, so having those pieces in place is absolutely essential!

New program

To this end, we’re offering a Marketing Study Group for Performers on Monday, January 31st, starting at 6pm. This is specifically intended for performers rather than organizations, and you can submit your own materials ahead of time if you’d like them to be considered for group discussion.

We’re limiting the number of seats, so reserve yours ASAP — this session is free for members, and just $20 for others. Attendees will receive download links to tools that can help them work through all of their promotional materials.

(Of course, we offer update and consulting services, if you’d rather outsource it. Contact us for more info on that.)

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