UPDATED: New (and free) program in January

[This post was originally posted automatically as a December project, but we have since decided to move this program to January. See the updated dates below. But you can still apply now!]

While COVID numbers are getting better and the arts are opening up bit by bit, a lot of performers are still feeling very, very stuck.

I hear singers grateful for more opportunities than there were two months ago, but anxious for an end to the restrictions. That’s understandable, but we must be patient, too. The good news is that this time of year is PERFECT for a deliberate gut check, clarifying your vision for what your work should be, and crafting a functional strategic plan for the coming year.

What can you do with time?

Plenty. Stop feeling like you’re screaming into the wind and put that frustration to use — as a portal into your soul.

  • What do you wish you were doing?
  • What have you wanted to do, but never explored?
  • What could you build, update or improve so you’re ready for the next time Opportunity knocks on your door?

Nine days is a good start

In order to help a few people explore this dynamic, I’m offering a free nine-day course to help “stuck” performers find a footing. We’re only accepting FOUR people, and giving preference to Lauri’s List members. But any active classical performer is welcome to apply.

Here’s the course schedule that will help whisk you into 2022 with a new sense of purpose:

  • Sat 1/8/22, 10am to 11:30 — Initial session, discussion, and goal-setting
  • 1/9-14 — Daily email motivation and exercises to help you get closer to that goal
  • Sat 1/15, 10am to 11am — Group check-in and follow-up
  • Sun 1/16, by appointment — individual 1/2-hour sessions & commitment to next steps

Who would benefit from this program?

Perhaps you aren’t as busy as you want to be, and know that your calendar doesn’t have to stay that way. Perhaps you’re not sure what to focus on next. Perhaps you have a goal, but don’t know how to get there. This is a manageable process and a real chance to focus, connect with others in a similar position, and get moving. You probably already know that waiting won’t do any good.

How to apply

Fill out this form and give us a glimpse into what you’re doing and what you need.

Applications are due by December 20.

Participants will be selected to create a strong group dynamic for the sake of all involved — this is very subjective, so there are no wrong answers. If you’re not selected for this run of the program, we’ll consider you for future offerings. Your application is confidential — it will not be accessible to anyone but select administrators.

Is there really no charge?

While this course would normally be well over $200, we’re offering it this time for free. No charge at all. But we need some evidence that you’re ready to make the most of this opportunity.

Apply now, and grab your chance to make 2022 a very different year.

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