Mom wisdom

My mother loves owls, which I have always thought rather apt. She is a very wise woman. Of course, she thinks she’s completely ordinary, which just makes her insights into the rest of the world more potent.

So here’s a quote — not because I love my mommy (which I do), but because she reminded me of something fairly recently that still resonates weeks later:

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams. You won’t get to do them all, but they’ll enrich your life.”

— Marilyn Davidian

This isn’t just parental encouragement: it’s actually a quote from a presentation she gave year after year as a university professor, where she took a wire puzzle and folded it into various shapes as a sort of pre-commencement ritual for that year’s seniors. (Some of you have seen me offer up a similar puzzle-driven speech, adapted for Listers’ lives.) Her text changed a bit over time, but this line stuck around. It rings of truth, practically vibrates with possibility, and continues to inspire because it reminds us that individual accomplishments are ephemeral. Reaching for the next one is what makes life vibrant and worthwhile.

Be like Mom. Keep dreaming.

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