Schools are opening up!

There’s a flood of listings for teachers right now, as schools of all sorts look ahead to the day when they can fully open their doors. If you have any aspirations to find yourself a job as a music instructor of some sort, it’s time to tune up your resume and send your interview outfit to the cleaners.

What we’re hearing elsewhere

While we know that not all of the congregations that supported active music programs before the pandemic will re-open at full strength, there are rumblings that quite a few are gearing up for some kind of hiring. We’re reaching out to churches and temples all over the Southland to check status and offer help, and will, of course, keep you posted. (READ: Watch this space!)

Website update

As you know, the site is being rebuilt as fast as possible (while factoring in the List’s namesake’s multiple jobs and many looming projects), and we hope to start inviting current members to set up their new profiles before Mother’s Day. We’ll build much of the content of the new site in pieces, and we should have it fully up and running in June. There is much to do, but it’s on the road!

Thank you all, very much, for your patience.

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