LA Choral Lab ready to forge ahead with new ED

When a relatively new nonprofit board creates an Executive Director position, it’s a big day, and a sign they’re ready for some serious growth. That seems to be the case for one of our most exciting choral organizations, and we wait for more news of programs and changes with great anticipation. No doubt there’s more to come!

BTW, you can still catch their Soundwalk installation in Griffith Park through May 16. Get info and tickets here

See the email announcement below:

Good news is good

Dear Community,

I am writing with excitement to inform you that the L.A. Choral Lab Board of Directors by unanimous vote has confirmed Chad Detloff in his role as our Executive Director.

I am thrilled to welcome Chad into our organization. The creation of the Executive Director position is an important milestone for the L.A. Choral Lab which we are proud to have achieved. Chad is an excellent and sensitive leader and his presence in our organization is already helping us to expand beyond our previous limitations and continue to grow in our capacity to give new choral music a voice.

Michael Alfera, Artistic Director

Chad Detloff

About Chad Detloff

Chad Detloff is an educator and creative who brings to the L.A. Choral Lab extensive experience in non-profit leadership, the performing arts, and K-12 education. Chad has over 10 years of experience in various non-profit leadership positions, including as a founding board member of the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG). In his current role as the Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum with the GEBG, Chad oversees development and facilitation of professional learning opportunities for educators around the world. His background in the arts includes educational, professional, and teaching experience in theater, dance, and vocal music as well as professional experience in vocal recording and album production.

Throughout his 15+ years in the classroom, Chad has taught a wide array of student-centered courses in the Humanities and Global Languages; has worked extensively with student leadership development; and has guided students in theatrical and artistic projects, including performances of Rent, The Fantasticks, Romeo and Juliet, and student-written and -produced work. He has also taught dance, musical theater, and improv comedy.

Chad graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Comparative Literature (Spanish and Italian); his award-winning thesis addressed comics and graphic novels written in response to periods of repressive government in Argentina, Italy, and Spain. He has lived and studied in Switzerland, Argentina, and Italy; and he worked for a university language and culture program in Barcelona, Spain. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys gardening, writing, cooking, and design.

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