Curiosity is your best asset right now

As we head into what we hope to be the last several months of the arts shutdown, we cross fingers and toes, WEAR OUR MASKS and think of stages and lights and singing together again. But simply waiting can take a toll on creativity, so I offer you a challenge, if you haven’t done it already:

Be curious. Be really curious about everything around you. Read things you’ve never thought of before. Watch videos that you wouldn’t normally consider. Talk to new people. Take classes. Brainstorm about all things wildly new with a trusted friend. Take a walk in a new neighborhood.

This all sounds very tame and familiar, like the advice gleaned from every creativity workshop… ever. But right now, it truly matters, as we’re heading into an era where we’ll have to suspend our assumptions and rethink what we do. The world will emerge changed, and we must be ready to innovate and roll with what comes.

So here’s the question of the day: What haven’t you explored yet that you could tackle in the next two, three, or six months?

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