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That was the message this week, when one of my course classmates expressed concern that he wouldn’t really need his podcast for six more years. But with what we’re doing, he’ll be producing podcast content in a matter of weeks. Seth and Alex, our course leaders, said, “Perfect. Start now.”

(In case you just missed it, yes, I’m working on building a podcast for the List. Stay tuned!)

There’s an illusion of instantaneousness to digital projects, as if they sprang into being and created a following all at once. But the reality takes time, commitment, and consistency. It’s not just a matter of building your email list or your social media page or your concert series or your podcast or whatever… It will take time for you to build the habits and the following to make all of that a success. So waiting until the moment when you need to be a success is essentially planning for failure.

We all need this nudge to start now. Sometimes an idea sneaks up on us at what seems like the worst possible time, but like having children, there isno perfect time to do that. There will always be obstacles. There will always be challenges. And getting through those obstacles and challenges will be one of the most rewarding parts of your success.

What do you need to dust off and get started on? We still have at least several months before live performing arts will be able to open up. What can you do with that time?

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