Rebirth for unSUNg

In case you haven’t heard, the little concert series that we started in 2013 is going through a sort of renaissance right now, and we’re about to launch our very first fundraiser so that this project can continue long into the future.

Ariel Pisturino has taken on the role of artistic director as of early 2020, and provision is exactly what the series needs in order to move while the series will no longer be an official extension of Lauri’s List, we will continue to support it in a variety of ways. I hope that means that you’ll all help us spread the word about the upcoming “Seed Money Watch Party” on March 21st, and that you might even consider donating a little bit. You can read more about the event, the campaign, our current goals and future ambitions on the website:

This is the first time we’ve aimed fundraising efforts directly at unSUNg, and it’s designed not only to spotlight local talent and support vocal chamber music, it will help us take some major steps forward so we can grow in some very important directions, including becoming eligible for grants, developing a commissioning program, providing monetary compensation for our participant groups, and eventually become an independent nonprofit, just to start. We hope you’ll continue to support this endeavor, for all it does for the classical vocal community, and all we hope to do in the future.

Please share, please watch the replay of “Perceptual Mishmash” with us on March 21st, and please consider donating in any amount. Thank you all!

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