(Hiding out until normal comes back)

Here’s the problem with hiding out: “What’s normal again?” Can’t remember.

And of course, it doesn’t matter much, because as things shut down and eventually open up again, things will be different… again.

What we have to embrace is that the newness and strangeness of how the world is changing is OK. Look for the good, and accept the changes we can’t control.

How can that work? It just does. Those of us who have been through massive upheavals know that things can seem bleak and impossible, but somehow we adapt. Try to get there, and at least part of the ride will be a little easier.

Frida Kahlo, a woman who went through more adversity than most of us ever imagine, said, “I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive.”

I love how it clearly sounds like a decision, rather than merely a prediction. That might be my own bias in translation, but I truly believe that deciding to be okay is a crucial part of survival. Are you ready to be your most decisive, positive, productive self?

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