Make practice a little more ‘super’

Our most observant Twitter followers have probably picked up on my fascination with Lifehacker, a blog that covers wide-ranging topics and solutions for problems you didn’t even know you had.  Sometimes it’s genuinely helpful.  Sometimes it’s dead wrong. Sometimes it’s just plain fun.  (And sometimes, it even features one of our own!)

A post from awhile back that caught my eye again may deserve a nomination for the first category.  In case this “less but more” philosophy is new to you, try this article on for size:  the pandemic might be the perfect time for a new approach!

To Get Good at Something, Practice Less, But More Frequently

Let us know how it goes!

One more, for extra superhero points (from a blog with a similar name, but not the same guy): “Which Superhero are You?” from LifehackerGuy

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