Tart and sweet

We’re at quite a juncture, and I can’t help but get a little wistful, and plenty philosophical. It’s the very start of fall, we’re in the dip between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, it’s only a couple of weeks into the “main” liturgical season for church music, and we face multiple societal crossroads, as well.

Some things feel kinda the same: the Board is full of teaching positions, as this is the season for that (if a little late), whether the lessons are online or otherwise. But while the “normal” jobs we’re used to seeing are still on hold and likely to be so for quite awhile, our Listers are getting creative, starting new ventures, building websites and services and new career and families and taking on adventures of many kinds. We’ll all keep going, and the List will keep supporting you all in any way we can.

As seasons and lives and hearts and our country are all in flux, it’s not too early to wish you all sweetness and peace, and hope that you’re all safe and housed and getting what you need. One way to visit that state of mind is to try some apples and honey — it’s a treat I only “discovered” during the time I had married into a precious few Rosh Hashanah traditions, and that’s one thing that stuck. It’s a lovely way to mark the shift into a new year. If that’s not your thing, share an elbow bump with a buddy and remember to smile at strangers —with your eyes, as well as your soul. I’ll see you here and online, sending you all the encouragement and faith that can be packed into a wandering whisper:

“Keep going. You’ll make it. You’re not alone.”

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