Discussion episodes online now

Our pandemic-fueled online discussion series is finally online, and we’ve learned a lot:

We’ve posted two of our first three episodes at vimeo.com/laurislist now, and will have the July episode up next week — some unexpected issues with format, file size and account management have slowed us down considerably, and for that, I humbly thank you all for your patience.

I, personally have learned much about the power of asking for help (thank you to Ariel Pisturino for editing), the vital importance of a decent Zoom setup (my next videos will be better with my new ring light!) and a good camera (your laptop may not be your best tool).

But what you can learn from these vibrant discussions is that our SoCal music community has much to share, and we’ll be diving into that hivemind deeper still as the year goes on. This Q&A series is a bold experiment to see how the List can prove The hope is to enlighten and inspire our Listers and to reach out to the broader music community. There are exciting things to come.

For now, we’ve posted the following:

“Going Virtual: Decisions in Taking Performance Online”

With Ariel Pisturino (unSUNg concerts, and our co-host for this episode), Jason Barabba (Piano Spheres and Synchromy), Rebecca Wink (Vox Femina), Josh Shaw (Pacific Opera Project) and Andrea Fuentes (LA Opera). What does it take to shift the performing arts into cyberspace? We speak with a few presenters who have done it, and who continue to struggle with some of the surprising challenges that come with that transition. Be sure the get on the org mailing lists, so you can keep up with what they’re doing!

“Performers & Artists Face the COVID Era”

Our first discussion took place in June with a small audience, speaking with two performer/teachers who offer different perspectives: Lisa Sylvester runs the vocal program at USC, and is an active pianist, conductor and coach. Reid Bruton is a sought-after studio teacher and bass soloist and chorister, and both talk about their own experiences as well as those of their students, as performers across the Southland delve into the new realities that come with the pandemic. Since this episode came hard upon the response and protests after the death of George Floyd, we also get into issues of racial equity and what it will take to find a broader reach into diverse communities.

What’s next

As stated above, we’ll get our July discussion about “Diversity in Classical Music” posted next week. We’re planning monthly episodes of this Q&A series through the end of the year, and then we’ll make some decisions about how to expand and build the series for an ongoing future.

Do you have like topics you’d like to suggest or speakers you’d like to recommend? Please Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.

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