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Sharing this information from Chamber Music America (with thanks!). If ever there was a time for bipartisan action, it’s right now!

Paid Leave Provisions Included in Bipartisan Federal COVID-19 Relief Package

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package that includes: 

  • mandated emergency paid leave for employees for qualified sick leave, family and medical leave;
  • refundable payroll tax credits for required emergency paid leave provided by employers with fewer than 500 employees (nonprofits are eligible for relief);
  • refundable individual tax credits for leave taken by self-employed workers for qualified sick leave; 
  • emergency funding to states for unemployment compensation additional provisions related to nutrition assistance and cost-free COVID testing provisions for the uninsured.

The Bill awaits approval by the Senate.

Contact your Senators today to tell them that artists and arts organizations are important to the economy and to ensure your needs are met. You can take part in the Performing Arts Alliance’s online campaign or voice your concerns directly with your local legislators

Don’t wait. Act now.

EPILOGUE: Why should you care? (A note from Lauri)

We share this information not to urge you to support one party or another, but so that you can be aware of pending legislation and be an active part of conversations around public arts funding. Art cannot be viewed as a luxury, and arts orgs and individual artists are too often forgotten, ignored or even excluded from funding measures that could make a real difference to us and our community. Part of the reason we are not heard is that so many artists don’t recognize the importance of this type of involvement, or don’t understand how to get involved in an impactful way. So, here’s your chance to help rectify that situation.

Our lawmakers and policymakers need to hear from artists, regularly, so they can factor us into their equations. Please consider being an additional spoke in our collective squeaky wheel.

Thank you for reading!

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