Sunny side up

It’s been a week full of shattering changes, with a side order of big, juicy uncertainty. But what we know is this: the current crisis will pass, and we all need to be ready to move when the time comes. So take care of yourselves, but be sure you’re keeping your spirits up along the way. Seth Godin, one of our favorite guru types, write it exceptionally well in Saturday’s post, “React, respond or initiate?” The bottom line: Tell fear and panic to take a hike, as they’ll only get in your way. Instead, choose what you do next, and make it good.

If your schedule has suddenly been downsized, adapt as quickly as you can. Think of this as a period of extraordinary opportunity, as you now have some time to build something. When the clouds part, you’ll have something to offer the world, whether it’s a new program, a great idea, a long-awaited habit, a new ensemble formed online amidst the chaos, or a newly acquired skill that can help you reach more people. We’ll be talking about all of these things on the blog and through a new 30-day email course that we’ll announce properly on Monday.

In times of crisis, the world depends on artists more than ever, as we help people think beyond their current realities. Now is the time to be your most creative, uplifting self. We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

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