One of the last full-time classical critic positions in North America has been filled again

Michael Andor Brodeur

In a world where arts journalism, in particular, is struggling, Musical America broke this happy news yesterday:

Washington Post Names New Classical Music Critic

The Washington Post has a new classical music critic as of March 9. He is Michael Brodeur, a.k.a. Michael Andor Brodeur. The Post describes him as “a writer, critic and editor who has worked most recently at the Boston Globe.” Brodeur succeeds Anne Midgette, who resigned in November.

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Why does this matter to musicians in California? First and foremost, it’s heartening to see a major paper investing in this position, as so many have simply stopped. But Mr. Brodeur will also be filling big shoes, as his predecessor, Anne Midgette, not only covered local classical events with insight and deep knowledge of both repertoire and art landscape, she set a high standard for identifying trends and issues that reach far beyond the D.C. area. She has long been an arts pundit as well as observer, and a valuable one at that. We wish “the new guy” all the best in his new position, and will be keeping an eye out.

In the meantime, you can follow Michael Andor Brodeur on Twitter.

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