Did you know that “Leap Day”, that extra day that comes every four years and creates a 29th day for February, is also Rossini’s birthday? We must celebrate!, even if it’s not all in the same place.

Unfortunately, a variety of factors (including flu worries, venue issues and more) have brought us to one conclusion: This isn’t the right time for the schmooze we had planned for this date. We’ll try again later in March, and we’ll definitely have one after Easter.

In the meantime, a little homework:

First, try to see the Met’s wildly well-reviewed modern staging of Handel’s ‘Agrippina’, which will be broadcast in theaters in various locations across the country on Saturday morning. Check out Fathom Events for tickets, as some theaters will indeed sell out. Can’t do Saturday? It’ll also get an encore screening on Wednesday, March 4…

Second, send us a video of you singing happy birthday to Rossini, in the key of C! We’ll splice it together to create a video that highlights the talent of Listerdom, as well as celebrating our buddy Gioachino. Keep it simple: all we need is video from your phone, as each clip will just be a couple of seconds. (Just make sure it’s in the right key, so we don’t have to tweak the pitch too much!)

Groups or individual videos are welcome. It’ll be fun! (Feel free to get into it with costumes, background or whatever works for you.) Send to tickets@laurislist.com

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and stay tuned for more events — we’ll be back!

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