Old Rock Day

We’re going to explore some unusual holidays this year, and while Old Rock Day isn’t officially about music, we’re hijacking it to share a video of one of the earliest examples of the rise of rock ‘n roll: the 1944 gem from Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “Strange Things Happen Every Day“:

Of course, there may be purists (aka geologist types) among you who want to stick to the original intention of this fun holiday, so this picture of Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell (Utah) is for you:

Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash

Made ya look!

This may seem like an innocuous post, but there’s actually a lesson here: That snippet of sheet music in Jason Blackeye‘s gatto basso photo at the top of this post is actually in the public domain. How’d we know that? Check out publicdomainsherpa.com, which not only has a directory to various sites that house the royalty-free stuff, but has genuinely useful tools like a copyright calculator, an outline of basic things you need to know, and answers to a lot of copyright-related queries.

Poulenc and Chaminade

The piece itself? Since it’s also Francis Poulenc‘s birthday (and his work is not in the public domain yet), we’ve borrowed a line from one of his French predecessors: Cecile Chaminade’s “Espoir“, with a specific line that translates to “nothing should go away”.

What’s more like a rock than that? 😉 Hear the whole song here

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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