What does creativity feel like?

Everyone has their own perception of being creative. For some, it’s like a lightning strike, out of the blue, and beyond your control. For others, it’s a mood that you can jump into, following where it leads. It may be a conscious act, opening up your mind so that it can take an idea or problem in many directions.

Or it just might be all of these, and more.

It doesn’t actually matter what creativity feels like to you. If you wait for it to happen, or for the mood to strike, or if you’re doing something and it doesn’t feel creative in the moment, you might be missing out. The more often you choose innovation and creative process, the better your chances of hitting on something great.

It’s not enough to “be” creative and to feel it happening to you. Instead, think of it as a verb. DO creativity, every day, and as often as you can. Pay attention to what it feels like each time, so you can recognize that mode the next time it crops up. Build that muscle, and it will be there when you need it.

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