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This adorable little guy has the right idea…

Once we get into November, the fall schedule for most performers gets increasingly hectic. And of course, we’re heading into cold and flu season, to boot. While you may have already had a flu shot and stocked up on Robitussin, this is the time to double down on the things you do to prevent catching a bug. Don’t just wait for a problem and deal with it then!

Listen to this reminder for Mama Lauri: now more than ever, prep for the season’s busiest week by getting enough sleep (it’s your superpower!), staying well hydrated, choosing healthy foods, and taking a little time out each day (at least 5 minutes) to just sit and clear your head. This could mean meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, or even just quiet thought. Find what works for you.

Take good care of yourselves, and each other, this fall. We need you!

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  1. Hi Lauri,
    In giving the Anti Bug advise, you neglected to mention the most important thing (also from mom): WASH YOUR HANDS…and keep them out of your face. The vast majority of microbes come to us via our hands and fingers. We pick the bugs up and shove them into our face. Gloves and those masks that the girls wear in asia also help, because they discourage us from touching our face.
    I took a sanitation course in order to work in the restaurant industry in Arizona when I was younger. The course was taught by an RN. At one point, she handed out these little badges and told us to pin them on. She demonstrated by pinning one on herself. Then she turned off the lights and showed us a short video… maybe 5 minutes. At the end of the video, she didn’t turn the lights back on, but instead turned on an ultraviolet light. She told us to look at eachother and all of our faces were covered with bright green fingerprints. She told us that the little badges had been treated with a chemical that glowed under black light and that this showed us how much we unconsciously touch our face. We all had lots of fingerprints except for her. She didn’t have even one. Nurses don’t touch their face.

    • Thanks, Tim! While this wasn’t intended to a comprehensive piece, this is always a good reminder. Take note, folks!

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