Seasons greetings! (The other kind)

While Halloween itself isn’t necessarily a huge working holiday for vocal types, the days after Halloween are actually quite busy for local churches. Watch out for carefully rehearsed requiems of all sorts — even the Franken-kind! See one of the CCMN selections below… There are quite a few events in this arena on our calendar, and more in your neighborhood.

Church choirs: we want to hear from you!

We’ve noticed over the years that church choirs, even the big ones, don’t tend to be as proactive as others about promoting their concerts and special performances. But we’re working on some resources to help with that. Click here if you’d like to be notified when that new publicity guide is released.

´╗┐In the meantime, if your choir has something coming up, please feel free to submit it. Our readers would like to know what you’re doing!

About the fires

Of course, we’re all concerned about those affected by the many wildfires that are raging all over the state. We have several Lister families who have been or are currently evacuated in different areas, and we’re praying and sending good vibes to all of those affected, as well as those brave men and women who are fighting the fires themselves. Stay safe, everyone, and please let us know how you’re doing. We’d be happy to help spread the word if any of our Listers are in need, or if your events have been canceled or postponed. Contact us and let’s see if there’s something the Listerhood can do to help.

Memorial service on Saturday

Finally, one more reminder — the memorial for Nancy Riley is on November 2nd in Newport Beach. Get details here

All of you, I hope you have a safe, happy and memorable week. Keep in touch!

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