Nice things about classical music

Classical music often gets a bad rap, what with convenience stores shooing people away with it and online forums and social media often showing ridiculous ignorance. Even our own colleagues are regularly calling for the genre’s demise, if only to make way for a new manifestation of the art form. We’re all for this, as that’s what the Lister Revolution is all about. But sometimes, the (r)evolutionary struggle can get awfully frustrating.

So today, we share some positive news about what classical can do for your brain. This re-readable 2018 article from The Telegraph has good things to say about what we do, and this one shows what the sensation of “frisson” (a fancy word for chills) says about how your brain responds to music. For good measure, here are a load of benefits that come from listening to the good stuff.

Think happy thoughts, keep the music flowing, and if you find yourself facing down a buddy who doesn’t get it, use this Facebook page or these tongue-in-cheek arguments as serious weapons. Go get ’em!

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