Here stands the grove

Sometimes, we post pictures just because they’re pretty. That’s where this one started, but it’s also a reminder of what the Listerhood is all about.

We are, after all, at least somewhat like a grove of trees: widely varied, but joined by our sameness. Dependent on one another, and standing together to take on whatever comes. We relish the sunlight together, and face the storms.

It’s not a perfect simile (if such a thing exists), but a reminder that that fellow tree next to us in rehearsal is part of the grove, as are we. While we talk about solo careers and individual interests, there must always be a sense of community purpose in our work.

A little pre-Thanksgiving homework

Find a new friend this week. Introduce yourself to the colleague you haven’t met yet. Keep it simple. Start build something new to be thankful for this year.

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