Skill and nerve

One of Seth Godin’s recent posts is particularly apt for performing artists. (He gets us.) The title is,

The limits of technique

Click the link to get a truth nudge. To be fair, Seth’s very short post has a somewhat limited application to singers, as we’re dealing with an organic instrument that is in constant flux and declines over the years. Technique is always a concern, and must be refreshed. But that technical reality is also too often used as a self-defeating excuse for singers who are discouraged and feel inadequate.

Do you need to be braver in your performance and in your career choices? We must all learn to find the moving line between skill and audaciousness, as they are both necessary and intertwined as we wend our way through a vocal career. Make sure you’re not blaming one when it’s the other that needs to be addressed. A great teacher can help.

Be good at what you do. Then find the courage to get out there and do it with gusto. We’re rooting for you.

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