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Welcome to our new weekly feature! The week rarely arrives in sonata form, but we could all still use a good recap. Here goes…

New releases

A new album is available from Voxfire, the powerhouse vocal trio combining the superb talents of Samela Aird Beasom, Christen Herman and Susan Judy. Check out the group’s new website and get your copy of Fontis at, and get a sneak peek with this video:

In memoriam

You may have seen our blog posts about the upcoming memorial service for Nancy Riley, who was a charter member of Lauri’s List and one of our biggest champions. A memorial service is planned for her in Newport Beach on November 2. Get details here

We lost international conductor Raymond Leppard this week, as he died October 22 in Indianapolis, IN at the age of 92. The Guardian has provided an excellent obituary which captures not only a bit of his charm, but offers a solid outline of his considerable legacy. Read more here.

In an inspiring ICYMI video from 2016, the recently deceased Congressman Elijah E. Cummings speaks eloquently to the League of American Orchestras about the importance of continued outreach in the arts. In such a deeply divided political era, it is even more heartening to hear any politician standing up for the arts with such passion. Thanks to Jim Eninger for sharing this video in his most recent issue of the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter. (You’re a subscriber, right?) Here’s the video:

The Hon. Elijah E. Cummings, U.S. Representative, League of American Orchestras’ 71st Conference

The Biz

What did you do for World Opera Day? The international celebration of that art form we love is getting bigger every year, and takes place on October 25th — the birthday of both Georges Bizet and Johann Strauss II. If you were too busy to mark the occasion on Friday, we’re guessing that it’s OK to celebrate on other days, too. Learn more about the organizations that played it up big and start thinking about next year… Click here

Has Spotify “saved” the music business? That may seem like a stretch, but do read this essay from Forbes on what the platform is doing for streaming. They haven’t taken over the market yet, but their influence is paving the way for whatever comes next. Taylor Swift references aside, consider this article required reading: Learn more

Health & Wellness

Maria Popova, editor of blog fave Brain Pickings, re-shared an inspiring reminder of the power of walking. This seems like such a simple thing, and it’s certainly no revelation that taking an occasional stroll is not only good for body and mind, but can also offer a pretty serious kick in the butt to your creativity. The article pick several creative craniums to make this excellent point, and in an urban wonderland like ours, it’s even more important to find your feet. Read more

Here’s an interesting tidbit about how we use our voices: have you noticed how poets, newscasters and even pilots have surprising vocal similarities? This article from Curiosity might shed a little light on the vocal phenomenon, and will make you think about how you use your speaking voice in different situations… (Anybody wanna share?) Read the article here

Have something you’d like to share? Contact us. We don’t cover events in this feature (submit those here), but we’re looking for staffing and casting announcements, congrats and kudos, arts news, and announcements that deserve special attention. Please send us info, and we’ll help figure out where it fits on our site. Thanks, all!

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