What are you willing to REALLY reach for?

There’s something about being a musician that makes some people feel helpless, like luck is everything. Quasi-proverbial clichés like “it’s who you know…” and “opportunity knocks” can be misinterpreted as reality checks, and can often feel like slaps in the face. But they should really be calls to action.

If you know what you want and where you want to be in your musical life, there is much you can do to help yourself progress down the right road. “Who you know” should be a reminder that there are people you have yet to meet. So how can you meet them? Who knows them? Who else could help/teach/mentor you in a similar way? We’re not advocating stalking here, but a little judicious planning and action-taking can put you in the path of the folks who can change your life.

You have to have the goods, of course, so alwaysalwaysalways keep working on your craft and building those skills. Be ready to roll when you hear that knocking sound.

Just never stop reaching, or you might just stop growing. That’s a terrible thought.

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