Lots goin’ on

We’re playing a little catch-up after the holiday weekend, which brought us quite a few new announcements! Our Pro members should check out the plethora and variety of positions advertised on the Board, and everyone can see what’s up on the Open Calls board. (Did we miss something? Send it to us now!)

More news

As the summer fades away and we all dive into the new season, we’ll refrain from hitting you with it all at once. Stay tuned for what’s up at the List, and watch for the return of our public newsletters this week — including a new weekly update and more opportunities to show off what you’re doing! If you or a colleage have snagged a new job, landed a big role or had another win worth crowing about, make sure you send an email to our Editor-in-Chief. Don’t be shy. We’ll do the bragging for you!

Calendar time!

What else does this mean? If your classical vocal events aren’t on the Lauri’s List calendar, make sure you load them to that system as soon as you have the information available! Our fully “self-serve” calendar is easy to use, and allows us to welcome a wider variety of events, including those produced by colleges and universities, as well as fundraisers and training opportunities that pertain to classical vocal types. But here’s what you need to know:

  • You have to load it to the calendar yourself. We no longer have the administrative hours to load all of those events for you, and are turning our efforts to the other parts of our core mission, like promoting those events, serving our clients, and helping our members grow their careers. Furthermore, we want to give YOU, the presenters, the opportunity to set up your event listings the way you want. We still reserve the right to edit a bit, if it’s really needed, but this is the FIRST thing you can do to draw more attention to what you’re doing.
  • All of our web coverage will now be drawn from the events already listed on the calendar, so make sure your event is loaded at least a week before it starts (2-3 weeks is better), so you can be considered for a mention, a review or even a feature!
  • Check it out here: laurislist.com/calendar. Look for the “Submit Event” button at the top, and save a bookmark so you can get all of your vocal-related events listed, early!

It’s the little things

You may have seen the first of will be our soundbite-sized “Quick Tips“, to be shared in email newsletters, on social media, and on the Singerpreneur blog. The first one is a very quick nudge about the power of the pen. Check it out here. We’ll be seeking guest contributors and ideas for these mini-posts, so if there’s something you’d like to see or share, please do Contact us.

More soon

We’ll fill you in on more announcements and features as the week goes on, as it’s going to be a VERY big autumn for the List, as well as for the surrounding community. Stay tuned!

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