Happy Fall — How ’bout a flu shot?

With Rosh Hashanah starting Sunday night and the High Holidays well underway, the change to autumn is apparent, even in weather-wonky Southern California. We’ve had a little rain this week, and many of us relish the idea of sweaters and boots and cooler weather.

It’s also the time of year to get serious about cold and flu season. Singers and other musicians are particularly affected by these seasonal bugs, as a nasty bug can not only spoil your performance and keep you from working, but it can spread like wildfire through whatever group you’re working with. If you’re eligible for a flu shot (and the vast majority of us are in the recommended group), please get it done this year, and help save yourself and your colleagues some grief.

This article from the Mayo Clinic explains some of the ins and outs of who should and shouldn’t be getting the vaccine. Of course, consult your physician with any questions.

The good news: it’s easier than ever to actually get the shot over with. Pharmacies like Walgreens offer free shots with most health insurance plans, and even if you have no insurance, the shot tends to be far less than a single missed gig, depending on the provider. This article lays out some no-insurance options. There’s definitely something near you that will work.

Stay healthy, my friends!

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