What flashes better than fireworks?

Did you know that our website was launched on Independence Day? While the List has been around in various forms since Dec 2002, the actual website and membership model were “born” on the 4th of July.

In honor of that, we’re celebrating this day with a three-day FLASH SALE for Listers who join with an auto-renewing annual membership. You have to set it up by midnight (Pacific) on Thursday, July 4.

Four reasons not to miss this

  • You’ll get 10% off, now and as long as you keep renewing automatically. Keep up your payments and keep your payment info up-to-date (via PayPal’s website), and your rate won’t change.
  • This part bears repeating: You’ll lock in this rate as long as this auto-renewing subscription is in effect. (HINT: some moderate changes are on the horizon!)
  • Forget about invoices. Just enjoy your membership. (We’ll still send you a reminder that your renewal date is coming up.) And as always, you can cancel anytime.
  • This is the one time these rates will be offered. Don’t let them slip away!

Plans available

  • Pro — Basic (Usually $60/yr, now $54)
  • Pro — Mem+Church (Usually $72/yr, now $64.80)
  • Pro — Mem+Temple (Usually $72/yr, now $64.80)
  • Pro — Mem+Both (Usually $84/yr, now $75.60)
  • Associate/Community membership (Usually $24/yr, now $21.60)

(Sorry, we can’t make this deal available for monthly subscriptions, as they cost us the most to offer. But they also cost YOU the most, so now’s your chance to get a much better deal!)

Learn more about the different plans on our Access Options page.

How to get it

We process our renewing subscriptions through PayPal, and we’ve created a special page just for this promotion.

Eligibility: If a Pro membership is what you’re after, make sure you’re already approved. (Look for your approval email to see what add-ons you’re eligible for.) If not, we can’t guarantee we can get your application processed before this promotion is over. But if you’d like to apply anyway, click here. Associate members, of course, are open to everyone.

What if I’m already a member?

Easy. Sign up, and our admins will cancel your existing invoices and payments — this will be your new setup. We’ll also prorate the balance for any unused time on the subscription that’s already in place, and will send you a refund for the difference. Then renewals will continue on the anniversary of your new subscription date (e.g. a year from today) until you cancel. This sounds complicated, but we’ll take care of it for you. Use the link above, and we’ll be in touch asap!


Contact us! We’re here to help. Hope to see you soon!

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