A $20 weapon against that dry, dry, dry air

This little item could have been designed for singers, especially in desert-y areas, as it can help alleviate problems associated with dry air, is extremely portable, and can be used with a variety of different containers. Drop it into a water bottle in your car, and voilà! Moisture on tap. Put it into a glass, a vase, or whatever’s handy. We haven’t seen it in action yet, and Amazon doesn’t yet have any reviews, but the video is pretty darned impressive:

These “bottle cap” humidifiers have actually been around for a few years, as a quick web search will attest. But this is by far the most attractive and utilitarian design we’ve found, and the buzz is good. For the price, it’s probably worth a try.

Here’s the catch: it’ll take a couple of months for the item to arrive, as demand has been enormous. This item has been picked up by some online bloggers, etc., as it’s being offered through Shopify, and you may see videos and ads on Facebook, which is where we first aw it. Amazon estimates 1-2 months, and seems to offer a lower price. Please let us know if you know more than we can glean at the moment!

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Anybody have one that they can review for us? Please reply in comments!

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