Music and grief

Waking up at 5am, I was prepared for bad news. I had already heard about the Camp Fire on the northern end of the state, as my family and I have numerous connections in Paradise, where up to 90% of the town has been destroyed since yesterday.

In the wake of a challenging political week (no matter what side you’re on), the shooting in Thousand Oaks, and now the fires raging through that area, Malibu and even Griffith Park, reports have been streaming in all day about dozens of Lister families and thousands of other community members who have been evacuated, friends who have already lost their homes, and others who aren’t affected yet, but for whom the fear of this same danger is very real. In the face of such monumental chaos, it’s difficult to write about music — even the good stuff, and we have plenty of that this week.
Yet these are the times when continuing with our own creative projects, and supporting those of others, can be especially powerful. So the newsletter soldiers on, as do so many SoCal artists.

First, be safe. We wish all of you shelter and security for you and your loved ones, and hopefully that your homes will be saved, as well. That is always the first priority.

For the rest of us, if you choose to attend a concert or other event this weekend, please offer to take someone who has been moved to a shelter or other safe place. They may need the distraction. Please do support the performers who are creating beauty out of grief, and helping all of us heal.

To those who are performing this week, know that you are our “creative responders”, and your efforts mean a lot.

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